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March 22, 2012


Akash Mitra

Hi Matthew!

I just stopped by to say I really liked "track // microsoft" - it works!
And I am curious to know a few more things about it...

You wrote -"... track // microsoft ... follows a few blogs, clusters posts that are related and uses Bitly and Twitter data to rank the articles and clusters of stories."

In the above paragraph, did you mean that it follows a fixed list of blogs that is supplied to it? Or does it actually automatically identifies the blogs that it "should" follow? Also how do you rank them? Do you sort of see the popularity of those blog posts in twitter / bitly? How exactly does your ranking work?

I was trying to build something of this sort for the BI community website , but my approach was to use Twitter API to first search for the trending keywords and then identify web posts around those keywords. Seems like your approach is to first cluster articles from a given list of blogs and then rank them based on twitter references. Is that correct?

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