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February 18, 2012



hi Thomas,
I just discovered your twitter feed, your blog and rapidminer. I'm new to the world of neural networks. I do enjoy dating mining and data visualization quite alot and hope to build a career out of it. I hope to go through your tutorials on rapidminer over the next week but wanted your advice on how i can actually gather data from sites like Twitter and Facebook. I imagine you have to hire a developer who knows the twitter and facebook api to collect everyone's tweets and status updates to have your data sets which you would put into a tool like rapidminer for analysis? I'd love to learn from you regarding how I should go about the data acquisition part? Should i hire a developer and where is the best place to find someone that i can hire? I love the trending analytics that yahoo and msn put on their website and wanted to also learn how to do what's hot among my friends on facebook and what's not, or counting the number of times the word wedding appears in a status update.
If you have any advice on how i can get started on the entire project from data acquistions, data packaging, data anlaysis and visualization, I would love for you to mentor me. or if you already have a blog in your archives on how to get started, i would be all ears!

Kindest regards,

Neil Patel

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