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August 06, 2011



Hi Matt,

Thanks very much for this, I know our CTO Pete Forde holds your evaluations in high regard and follows you closely. And any and all feedback we get during our development is extremely valuable. Please keep it coming!

I think your pinpointing the need to resolve one of two critical issues (providing immediate benefit to the user or averting a cold start) are spot-on, and your question of whether or not BuzzData does this is worth addressing (and our CTO/CEO would be happy to discuss with you further, if you'd like).

You're right: the issue of providing immediate benefit to the user depends on what you consider a benefit. BuzzData indeed does consider social features, community curation, high user/portfolio visibility and extreme ease-of-use to be genuine value-adds for data enthusiasts, as they have proven to be for other kinds of enthusiasts (Flickr for photogs; YouTube/Vimeo for video enthusiasts/journalists/general public, Github for programmers). We believe that limiting value-adds for the data community to either tools or data alone is very likely holding back collaborative innovation in the data space. This is what we want to change.

A good example of the kind of crossdisciplinary data collaboration that excites us was written recently about on open-data advocate David Eaves's blog last week:

Only a small instance, but exciting nonetheless for us, considering we just launched. :)

We really hope to see more of it, and will continue to iterate BuzzData's design to foster it. Along these lines, you can be sure that our ultimate vision for BuzzData also includes significant workflow tools designed for data collaboration that we still have coming down the pipeline. I believe those will really speak to the kind of individual user benefits you are expecting!


Momoko (BuzzData communications director)

Joey Carlisle

I got an initial invite before BuzzData went public and I like it so far. I even have a few people following me. Unfortunately I'm new to this market so I don't know exactly where to start. I was thinking of asking people on there what kind of data they are looking for and seeing if I could provide that.

Do you have any thoughts?

Matthew Hurst

Joey - one thing you might consider is to look at This is a site dedicated to connecting people with data (though not hosting the data or visualizations itself). It would be interesting if a site like BuzzData could also provide this function. Most data market sites are markets for extant data. But a clearing house for data requests, which is a little like , is also interesting.

Momoko Price

Hey Matt,

Thought you might like to read this followup post on BuzzData's direction/master plan that I drafted this weekend:

Also - just wanted to let you know that your idea for a get-the-data function on BuzzData is something I've been mulling over myself recently; was stoked to see just now that you'd thought of it, too.

Last: Joey Carlisle — I think the best way to get into the flow of BuzzData is to upload datasets and explicitly invite collaborators to examine/improve/expand it. Even small changes and cursory glances by others can improve and clarify the meaning of a dataset dramatically. Am currently writing a new post on this soon for our blog and newsletter. Stay tuned.

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