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June 13, 2011



You should try playing with Google's newly minted author tags. I'm sure you know that these sites are scraping your accounts, using you as a curator to provide them with content. The author tags are a way for Google to try to start crediting the best authors and curators for their work; it's possible even now that these links actually help you, since your Tweets and blog content are presumably time stamped and spidered by Google before the scraping occurs. If the problem is serious, I suggest a slight delay be applied to the feed, a randomly embedded link to the article permalink be inserted in the body copy of each post, and use the new author tags. With those precautions in place, the echoed content would in fact be an asset.

More on the author tag (I am unaffiliated with this site):

Matthew Hurst

Clark - it is not clear that that is the problem or that author tags are the solution. Let's imagine that the parasite tweeter is picking up my RSS feed. When they see a new post, they pull out the title and a link, it, add another link to their stuff and then tweet it. How will an author tag on the post prevent them from doing this?

Account Deleted

You can always remove the push notifications both in your Typepad accunt or in your Twitter/Facebook account.


Two observations. Firstly any link you can check where it's going to by adding a + on the end of the URL. The second is that you can get to use a custom domain (unfortunally you're going to have to pay to register that domain but it's only going to be like £20 a year or so)

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