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April 28, 2011



I didn't know about this (am falling behind on my ego-Googling for WSB mentions) till Ian from Portent Interactive/Conversation Marketing pointed it out on Twitter. This has been the bane of our existence for MONTHS and also a source of humor - if you had contacted us for a quick interview I could have given you many colorful comments. Yes, we have complained to Google. Repeatedly. They have not fixed it. So our phone rings often with "Can I reserve a lane?" or "Is it Ladies' Night?"

Through other Google quirks, we also get the occasional phone call for some other local businesses, since we have written extensively about almost everything in the neighborhood for the past five-plus years and we have Google's #1 ranking for the simple search phrase West Seattle. But nothing is as glaring as this ridiculous mashup, which in some iterations even has a review for a local medical marijuana dispensary.

If anyone knows how to get them to fix it for once and for all, we'd be thrilled. But in the meantime, we are polite to a fault when folks call. We are a 24/7 news operation and are used to answering our phone around the clock anyway! - Tracy @ WSB

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