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November 26, 2010


Wayne Schulz

Interesting update - I'm in a similar boat (bought the Samsung Focus although it replaced my BlackBerry 9700). I'm still using my iPhone/Droid X as well.

I agree with your observations on the phone -- overall quality and smoothness of navigation (and stability) was quite frankly a shocking upside surprise. It's quite good.

Where I think things really fall down for this OS is in the applications (depth and breadth). The eco-system will get a 6 month pass during which I think people will allow that it's new and don't judge it by lack of quality apps (I think the Palm Pre got a similar ride).

After 6 months there need to be some improvements to OS or this platform is going to be one that only is attractive to people upgrading from "dumb" phones.

Here's my consolidated observation list of things that are lacking (and I freely admit this is a 1.0 effort and they were lacking on iPhone 1.0 as well -- though I do think any manufacturer should be able to do better on launch than just a 1.0 product since they have the benefit of three years' of experience with observing the market and the apps):

- Notifications - meh

- Multi-tasking - this should have launched with the product. I don't much care that iPhone 1 didn't have it either. That was back years ago and all modern OS have multi-tasking.

- Live tiles -- look cool. Please explain to me what all the flashing pictures on the people tile really do. So far as I can tell they're completely random. Most of the other tiles don't work or appear useful (save for Weather Channel which seems to show current weather). If MSFT was going to launch them as only half working -- well maybe they should have advertised that ... ;-)

- Browser - I observed the same thing with techmeme. Doesn't anyone technical test these things? It's not like browser usability is a "hardly ever used feature" that Microsoft can lay back and fix sometime in the next three years.

- The must have applications - Facebook, Twitter - are embarrassing. You can't view lists of other users in Twitter. The Facebook app supports the feature set that Facebook offered about three years ago. No, these two alone are just embarrassing. Remember we're not talking about the crew who bootstrapped the ill-fated Joo-Joo tablet -- this is Microsoft behind the OS. The mightiest (arguably) company in the tech world. And they can't get mobile any more right than "good enough" applications?

I don't mention lack of applications or the fact that the integration of applications (sharing via Twitter for example) is substandard because hopefully those are more technical things that can improve.

I'm rooting for Microsoft to land this OS in the top three of popular smartphone devices in the US -- and to do so I think we'll have to see rapid, massive improvements over the course of the coming year to both the OS and the application infrastructure.

Account Deleted

Java and to some degree .Net are the main choices because they have been consistently pegged as the “safe” choice to go with for mid-level project managers in the corporate world. No one was ever fired for choosing Java or Microsoft.

However, there are many large distributed applications these days that run primarily with technologies like Python, PHP, et al. Even companies like Google and Yahoo are heavily invested in these technologies. Java may be the main choice for enterprise development now, but it’s days are numbered as the only stalwart option to go with.

Let’s face it, many of these so called “enterprise applications” could easily have been written much faster and with less overhead using technologies like Python, PHP, et al.

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It is not too hard to move your contacts to WP7 from iPhone:
1. Use itunes to sync your iPhone contacts with Windows Address Book
2. Run wab.exe and export the contacts to a csv file
3. Import the csv file to your account for your phone from


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