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June 07, 2010


Michał Tatarynowicz

Or you could simply click-trough and copy the link from the address bar.

Matthew Hurst

Michal - I should have mentioned that in certain cases I don't want to click through (e.g. if the destination is a large file that I don't want to browse to, or if it is a resource like in this example which cannot be handled by the browser).


I don't see any proxy link here.


@johno: Sometimes the google search results page is full of proxy links, and sometimes it's full of straightfoward links. Google Search doesn't need to collect every single one of the billions of daily clicks to get the stats it wants. A large sample is sufficient.


I might be missing something here but wouldn't it be easier to just right-click the link and copy link location? (or in IE 'copy shortcut').

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