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September 07, 2009


Chris Brew

If you try Haymarket Station to Waverley Station (driving, why?, but no matter), you can clearly see that Bing has a better idea of where the entrance to
Waverley actually is, so it routes you onto Waverley Bridge. Mapquest never consents to give me a route (keeps asking for stupid clarifications of "what number Waverley Bridge and/or what number Haymarket place"). Google Maps sends me down South Bridge and thinks it is done. Yahoo Maps doesn't
know Waverley Station but sends me to Waverley Steps by a moderately sensible route that avoids the closed bit of Princes Street.

I'd love to know how/whether the Bing team are systematically able to collect good data on things like the location of the down ramp into Waverley.
Perhaps this was luck. Neither Google Maps nor Bing seem to know the name of Station Rd, Kirkcaldy, although Google Maps knows the address, but, like Bing fails to name the road when giving directions. I chose Kirkcaldy because information about "vehicular access" comes up easily via web search.

Nice to know about the trams. Columbus might eventually get them, but no chance of elegant buildings set on volcanic granite, regrettably.

Don't forget about the cloudsourced option - openstreetmap:

It's worth noting that princes street has been closed for a long time, so it's not really,-3.2167625427246094,55.95338072913604,-3.187580108642578&travel=car&styleId=1

None of these take account of the "current state" of the roadworks as they progress, however once they have stabilised openstreetmap will have the updates within days...

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