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September 19, 2009



Since the web is completely disorganized and offers no information control, perhaps "google as the librarian for the web" is a fitting analogy. If librarians were truly responsible for the web, it would be much better organized and it would be easier to find high quality content. I think you've got the right idea. A traditional or even digital-age librarian is much more focused on personalized help that extends into the evaluation of information. Google returns information. There is no ability to sort information based on currency, reputation of the author, etc. You just get an information dump. Librarians work to get you to the best, highest quality information. And they don't overload you. They understand you only have so much time to devote to a project so they give you a reasonable amount of information to work with. Google may be the librarian for the web, but ultimately it is a bad analogy. Google is an index to the web. That's all.

Bob Watson

Depends upon the type of librarian being evoked. Google *is* rather like a technical services librarian, creating order out of the chaos of form. Google *is not* like a reference librarian who (ideally) is creating order out of the chaos of information (in hopes that it leads to knowledge on the part of the information seeker).

shel Israel

I absolutely love Richard L. Brandt's Library at Alexandria analogy to Google. I think Richard painted a picture that accurately depicts what Google has done. Your gripe seems to be that Google is adapted for the Information Age. Of course it is.

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