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August 26, 2009


Nigel Legg

If I see a post on twitter and cannot identify at least a little of what the page the link is for is about, I ignore it. Simply using the title of the page brings up a whole load of mess - headlines repeated (you know, when the first line of the opening para is the same as the headline). What people have to remember is that, while a tweet is only 140 characters, it is copy in the same way as your blog is - what you say and how you write it say a lot about you (or your company). The kind of tweets you talk about above are, in my opinion, sheer laziness.

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Alex Deve

Hey Matthew, this is Alex from TypePad. We're currently working on giving the option for the blogger to edit and customize what's being sent to twitter. In your opinion, would that address the issue you're raising?

Matthew Hurst

Alex - thanks for the response.

Certainly providing the twitter user the option of using either the title of the blog, the title of the post, both, or some portion of the text of the post would be good.

However, there is a larger problem here which is in part due to my overly long blog title, but also due to the manner in which each post is a concat of the blog title and the post title. I'd like to be able to set the (html) title of my posts to be just the title of the post with no blog title in there. Alternatively, to have a long and short blog title. Fixing this issue at the source would trickle down so that twitter users would by default tweet what the blog post author intended (but - following your suggestion - be able to adjust that too).


I know it's a late note but just chiming in from the etsy side of things... The twitter sharing option automatically pops up like:

"Klette III Klemmstativ Kaiser Camera Clamp and by heliopsis on Etsy"

whereas we feel it is way more preferable (and personable) to clarify and shorten things:

"small tripod. almost works. #transssssformers"

It may not be the best salesmanship but at least it is to the point.

For the Etsian twitterers that we follow, it is an eyesore to see a big ugly string of autotweets and nothing personal or insightful. I almost never click on those.

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