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April 11, 2009


Dave Steckler

Yep. "Short urls with analytics", is their ( tagline.

I also looked up "clig" on urbandictionary and, luckily for them (?), it is not defined yet.


How can we argue with conclusions like that. :)

Sam Johnston

Forget URL shorteners... letting sites set their own short links is a much better idea. My money's on rel="shortlink" because I haven't found any flaws yet - *all* of the earlier proposals (including my own) have varying degrees of deficiency.

Basically by specifying a short link (e.g. or in the HTML and/or HTTP headers, Twitter clients et al will be able to "resolve" a URL back to something short and sensible.


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I suspect cligs is a play on the word clicks. Would you know how long each url shortener has been around?


The readable here is a good one I also found the post

I would tend to agree with the authors making stable points.

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