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April 05, 2009


Daniel Tunkelang

These may be interesting questions from a research perspective, but I think the more practical question is not where the stories are first published, but rather where people first learn about them. Almost every story I've heard on Twitter had initially appeared somewhere else on the web. But often I wouldn't have heard the news as quickly if it weren't for Twitter. In those cases, from my perspective as a consumer, Twitter reduces latency.

Jason Adams

Have you checked out It dereferences short urls posted on twitter so you can do the kind of searching you mentioned there. There were quite a few links to this post (several pages worth) posted on twitter according to a search on there:

while searching for this url on twitter search only yields two.

Looks like an API is available too.


Twitter is like a breath of fresh air on the Social Media scene. I have been on it for just a few weeks now and I have met several interesting people. It is a platform to network with people you would like to meet in real life. Check me out!!

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you have to just love twitter. it is taking over the world.

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Interesting comparison.Got a chance to study the interesting features of twitter and blogosphere.Thanks for sharing.

Kevin Burton

Hey Matthew.

I think the issue with Twitter is not as much timeliness as both graph structure, sentiment, and depth.

For example. Twitter might have surfaced the URL sooner but the blog post on it might be more valuable for search since it will have more text, more links, and potentially more history for the search.

Also, a lot of search engines aren't as real time as they could be... With Spinn3r, we've tightened up latency and when we get a ping it's out and into our customers within a minute or so...

Of course there will always be a *bit* of latency....

Also..... to index Twitter your engine is going to have to not bias links too much as FRESH news isn't going to have inbound links to go by since it hasn't had a chance to build them yet.


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