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April 20, 2009



Yup. You've nailed it. That's actually a problem with more than just Twitter, but with any online service (including e.g. Hotmail, Passport, Office Live, etc). And the number of active users is usually not as pretty as the number of users who have signed up for service, the latter is oftentimes an order of magnitude less than the former, or worse. And you can bet a good amount of cash that all online services know the number of active users - that's how you estimate how many servers you will need to support the load.

They just prefer not to divulge it, for obvious reasons. :-)

Neil Edwards

Hmm, I agree to an extent, but what's to say that 'active' means someone that tweets?
I don't post to twitter very often (I would definitely be 'inactive' in your 5 day rule) but I do visit the site more than once per day and would definitely consider myself an active user, even if only as a consumer.
For twitter as a company I don't think the fact that you 'twitter' rarely means as much to them as page views?


Page views don't mean jack to Twitter, since they don't show ads. Their main selling point is "community" and "stickiness".

Authority Networker

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