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March 14, 2009


Daniel Tunkelang

Indeed, if Twitter made the log archives downloadable so that others could index them, then we might see a proliferation of more sophisticated search functionality on top of them. But I suspect that Twitter prefers to keep this data to themselves for eventual monetization.


It looks like Twitter might agree. They are hiring a search engineer:


I am very curious on what lanuguage detector twitter is using, its result is very poor.

I have implemented a n-gram based ruby language detector myself, and the result is much better than twitter's:


Hi Daniel,
Yes twitter provides data mining feed, which provides the last 600 tweets in the past minute. Lots of people, including me (, is using it to build third party search application using those data.

The current problem is, you are not able to seen all the tweets from that feed, as sometimes there are more than 600 tweets in a given minute. They do have plan to provide a better solution in the future.

Brennan Novak

Actually Twitter search does have a way to see just the latest links. You can see a link to it in the bottom right of the nav bar with the link "cool filter: links" below is the URL of the that search term.

They also are doing some sort of location google map integration you'll also notice the "happy hour" near:SF" returns desired results.

Christopher Golda

We created link search if you're interested:


I'd like the ability to limit my search to just the people I'm following. Often, I'm looking for something I read previously (especially if I originally read it on my mobile).

Suzy Tonini

In reply to Christopher Golda- in Twitter Search type in from:username and you'll get a list of Tweets from that person. Hope that helps.

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