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February 24, 2009



Hello matthew hurst,

My name is Derek and I live in South Florida, USA. I'm having difficulty emailing you through microsoft outlook, so I am writing this in attempt to ask you a question regarding a visualization network analysis project I came across a while ago. It was the best visual mapping application for my needs. I found it through a blog about 6 months ago. I used it twice and then thought I put it in my favorites, but it's no longer there. I've been scouring the internet from a long time trying to relocate it, but can longer find this one particular mapping application. It seems like a very basic and simple mapping tool. I'm hoping you can help me find it if I describe it accurately enough. I hope you are okay with me writing you through the comment section of your blog; I do apologize for that. The visual network mapping project is described as follows:

I enter the site. The site explains the program as a university project (unfortunately, i do not remember which university either) and that it's free to use. Then it explains how to use the application. Basically, it's a visual network mapping tool that allows you to create connections between people, companies, organizations, schools, government bodies, and things of that nature. It's like an all in one mapping tool. You start by typing, say, a person's name. Then, automatically, a bunch of branches sprout from the name into a circular web of related entities. If I remember correctly, you can choose the type of connections you want to create before the branches sprout. Then you can choose any of the sprouted connections and extend the web into a more complex, interrelated connection. This tool allowed me too see all the connection of people with affiliated companies, groups, governments, institutions, organizations..etc. It had a similar format to "", but it was magnitudes more broad in scope. I remember all the companies showing up with their respective logos and the organizations showing up with their respective logos...etc. I don't remember what the people showed up, but it was probably just little generic icons or something simple like that. For instance, I vaguely remember, for fun, I typed in marvin minsky (MIT AI Lab Founder) which created a web which containted "the singularity institute" I clicked "the singularity institute" which sprouted branches of everyone in "the singularity institute" so I clicked on "ray Kurzweil" then the web of branches extended to include many many branches, so I clicked on some name I did not recognize and it branched to the U.S. Senate...and then I clicked on the U.S. senate and it branched out to show all the senators...etc.

So, does this sort of mapping application sound familiar? I used it before, and would really like to locate it again.

Thank you. If you like, you could feel free to email me at or I can follow up in this comment section. Either way, I would appreciate your help so much. Thank you.
Derek from South Florida.


Thanks for the helpful list!

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