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January 20, 2009


Matt Smith

You make a good point --- it seems that an incremental summarization algorithm would make sense here. I wonder if Twitter uses any of techniques to accomplish this behind the scenes...

Google seems to have a handle on at least trends and associations, and searcher information (but not author information), but summary information for the most current form of data (microblogging) seems much more exciting.

Ed Chi

The reason people put up these things is because it's easy, and thinking hard about how search should be different also runs up against what people are used to. We have been prototyping's interaction design, and people still expect a big white box and opportunity to type in lots of keywords. The general public still don't yet fully understand social media, and neither do we. But yes, I agree, we should have more varied search interfaces and experiences.

Travis Spencer

I think the reason that you see implementations like this is because what we call "search" today is really "location finding". I tell a search engine what I want, it tells me a bunch of places where I might be able to find it. Then, I have the pleasure of seeing if any of those locations actually has the information that I'm after :-P

You are completely right. We need a better, newer way.

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