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October 20, 2008


Flea Circus Research Library

Out of all the blogs I follow (49 at current count) only a handful of them are corporate e.g. BBC News, Slashdot and Amazon Associates. Two of them are feeds based on blog searches for Flea Circuses. The others are written by real people who write articles maybe one a week. I appreciate the shorter articles with the longer ones often being ignored, the slashdot articles are nearly all ignored and I use their links to read the origional articles.

The problem with the Technorati list is it's showing blogs for bloggers, i.e. You could have a lot of people who read your list who don't actually write their own blogs or write blogs on a different topic and hence will never reference you.

The other thing is quality of readership. On the Flea Circus Research Library blog I'd rather have a handful of people who are interested in the material rather than a few 1000 people who just want a flame war. Ok so that means less advertising revenue but is that really why I'm blogging? The answer is no of course!

Dean Abbott

Apparently I'm like "Flea"--nearly all of the blogs I track are written by knowledgeable individuals rather than "corporate content". Is it hard to find interesting blogs on topics of interest to me? Not at all. I found this post with a simple google blog search with keywords...get this..."data mining". (I already have you among my RSS feeds, but hadn't seen this post yet).

Putting on our data mining hats...what percentage of the total blog hits are covered by the Technorati 100? I would guess that while these are the most popular, they are a very very small percentage of the total hits, so in the end, is not a good representation of the reach of the blogosphere.

Flea Circus Research Library

According to Technorati's own page, 346 million world wide read blogs.

I can't find readers for the top two but TechCrunch the number 3 page claims to have 1233K readers i.e. 1.2M. So using some questionable mathematics, 100x1.2m/346m suggests the technorati top 100 consumes about 1/3 of all readers.

There's a couple of issues with this. The first is that it could actually be the same 1.2M who read all of those top 100 blogs pushing them down to about 3% of all readers. The other flaw to these numbers is just because an article is downloaded onto a computer, does not mean that someone actually read it.

So my conclusion from this is that the technorati top 100 consumes between 3% and 33% of all the sheep blog readers leaving the rest of the intelegent readers left to read our blogs.

Andy aka FleaCircusDirector from the Flea Circus Research Library

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