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August 19, 2008



Hi Matthew,

Interesting findings!

However bioskoop is not a Dutch word. In the Netherlands the correct term for cinema is bioscoop

Chris Lintz

I've lost lots of time to Google Insights already. Similarly, I played around with looking at the popularity of different types of musical artists within the US =

I also did the same for a NSFW analysis of porn search terms. I'll keep that one off the post, but let's just say it left me with a fear of ever being stranded on the side of the road in Wyoming. Big time.

Flea Circus Research Library

I did a search comparison between Fleas and Flea Circus and noticed that the Fleas are very cyclical as expected but the circus researchers are clearly not.

I have found some issues with the tool with IE crashing a couple of times, possibly something to do with the interactive graph. I've also passed the insights tool over to our sales people as there's potential for market analysis to be done from this.

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