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August 01, 2008


Malibu Carl

In my honest opinion Web2.0 its a step backwards. Sure it has lots of good and interesting effects but most of all these social sites are full of... data on people, if not data not interesting by the broad or specific public at all.

I mean information got lost somewhere in the way and dont think that giving the power to the people would bring it back.

Again, imho, the web should be data, information and metadata. I dont want the internet to be the next TV. Socializing the net would push us to that scenario.

Just my two cents, readers, I dont want to flame on pro-web2.0 people :)


I think the web of people is the way forward. In our lab, we have been testing a similar service to improve search by using social recommendation or more like social sharing. A lot of time or mostly, results by search engines are useful only if I know what I am looking for, in other cases, it doesn't return anything useful. Thou lot can be said about it, am looking forward for new services coming out of this people's web.



It seems like you're assuming that PageRank is still soley link-driven. Google use a combination of weighted factors, one of which is the inbound link score. New factors are added when they're ready, so if you think the emergence of data useful to search relevence would leave PageRank redundant then I think you're mistaken.

backyard ni donglloyd

People are still working for page rank.


Hi don't agree with your point.


Until we have something better, page rank will have to do. Also it isn't suprising that Microsoft is leading this charge as there msn search is dead in the water


It seems that PageRank will stay for the next decade. Here's a link about PageRank topic that presents how should be used to serve your SEO campaign. My belief is to learn on using it because the day PR is removed hasn't come yet.. :)

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