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June 23, 2008


Paul Ogilvie

I think a barrier to text mining on the web is simply that the government and politicians already get so much information pushed at them as it is. However, I do think there is interest in using text mining. The research in duplicate detection and identifying stakeholders done by is government funded and at least some of it is used in governmental organizations.

Another conference you may find interesting is - its focus is a little more narrow (YouTube and this year's election), but it may be able to generate some interesting results that are, by definition, relevant the current election.


"but there is also something of a disappointment in hearing that the politicians are not exploring what can be done with these technologies."

It could be related to ignorance of the technologies, although the cynic in me is more likely to believe they don't really care what people think, so why spend money to get that opinion.

Philip Sheldrake

Hi Matthew,

I'm interested in the ethical application of Social Web Analytics for political progress. I've just written an ebook on SWA, although it was getting a bit too long to comment on the potential for political application... maybe in the 2009 ebook?

Love to know what you think of The Social Web Analytics eBook 2008:

Includes reference to Blogpulse :-)

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