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June 24, 2008


Akshay Java

Perhaps the difficulty in self editing is compounded by the host of other services/tools that consume these streams. Lets say, I decided to delete an old Tweet. If consumption of my updates was limited to other Twitter users, I would still have some opportunity to edit/delete post facto. But now that the tweets are consumed via APIs through a host of other services, deleting it in one place does not mean it is gone. And ofcourse, since the value of a real time post quickly diminishes so does the incentive to self edit. In some sense it is almost like a "write only" stream.

Sam Kuper

I often read emails from mailing list archives (usually because, or to find out whether, someone else already asked a question similar to one I was thinking of asking). That is a significant kind of email consumption, and one that is open to analysis. It falls outside of the three pane model, too.


Live streams can have high production values, it is just very expensive to do. We will see perfect examples of highly edited live streams this summer coming from Beijing and Denver.

Even these high production live streams will have significantly smaller audiences than the resulting recorded versions that are viewed on demand some time after the event.

So why do people create unedited live streams? Generally because they are lazy, lack production skills, or are to cheap to create quality content.

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