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May 25, 2008



Content and structure definitely are very important points when it comes to social media analysis. But I'd include a third point: dynamics. When you look at the ways memes spread through the social web (cf. this paper:, there are a) meme starters, b) meme spreaders, c) meme adapters, d) meme commentators and e) meme readers. This means breathing some life into the social media networks and could be a connection between content and structure.

Matthew Hurst

Benedikt - thanks for the comment. I agree with you - my intention in the above description was to really characterize the data types (and here I used examples up front of what you can do with them). However, I will certainly reword this to capture the issue of dynamics (which, as you know, I've been interested in from the get go with things like the graphs in BlogPulse).

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