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May 01, 2008


Rhonda Shearer

We at commend you for catching this error. We called to inform them of your efforts and they said "Thank you" and "are looking for a new photo now."

We advocate not just finding the errors and publishing them but contacting the media outlet in advance of publication in order to give them a chance to respond and correct. Then, depending on what happens, the corrections, denials or their apologies are part of our story. Our main focus is to create change and to clean up the mess of Internet error zombies that live forever unless shot (metaphorically speaking) in the head. It's an inaccuracy oil spill out there. Let's hold the MsM accountable and make them clean their mess up.

Your pals at

Rhonda Shearer

ABCNews has now changed photos after our call.


Rhonda Shearer

Snapped Shot makes an interesting comment about the new ABCNews replacement photo


Also, I had typo above in link that points to where we featured Data Mining and Snapped Shot as our Editor's pick


...or they had a problem with stock photo budget (or no photo at all) and they needed to search old archives, then no royalties to pay.

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