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March 28, 2008



One of the things that fascinated me about strong AI is how it might emerge and express itself in the computing machinery's 'limbic' or 'reptilian brain' first. The question to ask is what would a self-aware system be aware of? By achieving that awareness, it might express a desire and act upon that, but more likely the first act would be something of a reflex.

A resistor 'wants' to resist. An oscillator 'wants' to oscillate. A poorly built system might want to commit suicide. A system with a weak link might want to burn that unit out. In building a circuit, we are always determined to make it in a deterministic way, but what if one overbuilt? What if you allowed a third bit in a binary system? What if you allowed some current where generally none would flow? Perhaps emergent behavior would arise and that could be seen in the system's 'willingness' to do things to itself.

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