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March 02, 2008


Jeff Clark

Thanks for the link Matthew and I agree with your point about the absolute height giving undue attention to certain movies.

One minor correction to your statement about my graphic. My stitched version only shows 4 years of data - the NYT lets you scroll and see 21 years worth.

Daryl Tay

Great visualisation. I had a course where one topic was how a lot of media culture is based on hits and misses (movies, art, music) and this gives a great visual aid to that.

Ed Freeman

Cool graphic -- but why does it go both above and below the 0-line? Granted, it looks beautiful but going above and below the 0-line also makes it harder to compare different peaks and troughs.


In order to mitigate the undue influence that ordering provides they should add a rule along the lines of:

For each week, the opening movies should be ordered along the y-axis inversely to their opening weekend box office revenues.

With such a rule, the "blockbuster" movies which typically have big opening weekends would be clustered toward the center of the graph. "I am Legend" would still be on the interior relative to "National Treasure". However, the four other movies would be exterior now relative to "National Treasure". This would do a better job of visually comparing "blockbusters" imho.

I second Daryl's comment -- what's the point of extending above/below x-axis?

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