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November 07, 2007


Darius K.

Actually, I'm pretty sure her name is JC Herz. No "t." Is this her?

Tom Carden

That's her, no "t".

Matthew, I'm a fan of this blog and you clearly have a good eye and a head for this stuff, but I have to admit I might have used your map of the blogosphere as well if I was looking for an example of a muddled visualization. I wasn't at Defrag so I didn't see you or JC speak - is there more context, aside from that page, that I should be aware of before agreeing with JC's blunt assessment?

Matthew Hurst

Darius, Tom - Thanks for the spell checking; I've updated the post - though I still can't find any of JC's work online.

Tom - there is more information on the graph here: and a description of the interactive graph here:


Tom Carden

Ah yes, by 'that page' I meant the one you link to in your sidebar - I'll check out the interactive one too.

I wrote some more (dense) thoughts at:

Darius K.

Is the data set for your blog map public information? I saw that it was from the WWE 2006 Workshop, but couldn't find a data set.

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