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November 13, 2007


Tom Gilson

This was an unexpected place to find the Thinking Christian blog mentioned. I have done quite a bit of sailing in younger days, and I still have a small wet-fanny boat I take out once in a while, but I didn't realize I was using that many sailing metaphors! I guess it never quite leaves you...


In that case, shift focus to blogs about narrowboat cruising. If you do, you should shortly hit upon Granny Buttons (first result on Google's Blog Search). Perhaps Mr. Denny could help with the pocket cruiser search. He makes a regular effort to locate other narrowboat blogs; kind of a one-man search engine.


Perhaps the most interesting thing about this topic is that the query '"pocket cruising" blog' has *this* post as the top hit on Google's blog search (


As a former sailor and current network engineer and researcher I would have to agree. This type of problem also exists in searches for other terms.

My take on it all. Whats going on, is anonymity. This ex-CIA guy, Kerr, is calling for an end to anonymity. I think he's wrong. I think what we need for the net is a sort of key-system or handle system where you can be known by your handle.

At that point, you can build a database because you will have an indices.
Searching through loose text gives you too many fields to parse

"pocket cruiser" could be for pockets, or cruisers. and you can have typos, and things. The net needs one index. and an identity for each user, but one that doesn't necessarily have to be connected tightly or at any other discretion than the individual.

Maybe DARPA can look into indexing before google does it ?
Whatever the case, searching for stuff can be a sucky proposition.


PS. I make this comment, because the blog author usually follows his profile, and so the author might be a better way to get at an index.

and the key system I am talking about is the one that they use in second life, where linden labs basically doesn't let anyone know the key to you (your UUID or unique user identifier) , period. But some agency has to be there to oversee it because corporate america would rape us if they had this kind of setup. its not so far fetched, really.

hackers have been doing this stuff for years. gamers too.

fatal1ty is a good example. everyone knows him by his handle.
the superfriends.

you get it, I hope.


Interesting that the page ranking mechanism has picked this up so quickly. The search results are proof that this post is an effective Google Bomb, which means that future searches on 'pocket cruiser' will point here, and hopefully people with information about pocket cruisers will leave comments - possibly accelerating the effect, possibly displacing other, more deserving sites from top position.

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