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August 18, 2007


gary price

Aside from the map, perhaps the most complete news search tool (English language) comes from the UK at It will soon break the 30,000 source mark.

NewsNow is in the business of selling their full service with advanced search features so searching here is one word at a time. However, as a browse tool the size of it's crawl, the frequency of updates, and some excellent organization make it hard to beat.

1) Note the hundreds of pre-built news categories (what they call feeds) in the left rail. Often, during breaking news, a category will be created.

2) Each source has a a flag icon next to it to identify the source country.

3) Both mainstream news sources as well as hand-picked blogs. Sites that require a fee or registration are also noted.

For example, here is the "feed" for Peru
and another for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Finally, this color coded feed will show you each and every article as it makes its way into the database:

and this feed is limited to press releases in the info tech sector.

Btw, pages autorefresh every 5 minutes if in an open window.

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