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August 08, 2007



The actual GMaps option is "Avoid Highways." It's a little checkbox right above the driving directions. See screenshot here:

Joe Lemee

the grand daddy of mass transit planning is

Sean Wallace

Regarding those "perennial mapping issues: fantasy ambiguity": I don't know about Seattle, but here in Washington, DC this issue is not fantastical at all. 18th St NW & S St NW is very, very different than 18th St SE & S St SE.

Matthew Hurst

Sean - you are dead right; I made an error there. However, I have seen this in other cases and I'll be sure to post it next time I encounter this problem. Actually, I have one already: search for '40th street seattle' in Google maps and you get (among others) NE 40th St, Seattle, King, WA and NE 40th St, Seattle, King, WA 98105 which are identical (and result in the same place being marked on the map).

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