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July 11, 2007



"we have followed French elections and have successfully predicted Sarkozy's victory"
I think, there is some difference between the buzz and the people opinion. I sure this tools use the official media, so, in France, M. Sarkozy manages all the official media. It's the same in Italy with Berlusconi.
For me, "predicted sarkozy's victory" is so easy if analyse the official media. Just, remind you the french european constitionnal vote (2005). I sure the predication is bad if you analyse the official media. It's very important to include the blog system. Do you agree ?

Vadim Kagan

SentiMetrix has a patent-pending technology for multilingual opinion analysis that leverages existing linguistic resources (e.g. parsers) available for the language. The cost and time involved in building an opinion analyzer for a given language varies, based on what resources of this nature are available for that language, and the cost and ease of use of those resources.

Vadim Kagan, SentiMetrix, Inc.

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