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July 28, 2007



same here. If you ever figure out how to unsubscribe, do let me know.

Oh and hate mail back to them doesn't really work, just in case you want to try that route.


thx for the link, but I won't be going there


I recently attended their Behavioral Marketing Forum, and for all of their talk about industry initiatives to enable opt-out, especially the multiple references to the National Advertising Initiative, no one there had heard of AttentionTrust. More importantly, they all seemed to honestly believe that people really *want* targeted advertising and e-mail. Like it's a god-given right or something. A scarier group of people in one room, you'd be hard pressed to find ;)


BTW, have you or any of your readers ever heard of the National Advertising Initiative, or ever seen it advertised? Microsoft recently announced that they would participate, but for the life of me, I've never seen any an ad or a link of any sort that enables me to not be tracked by TACODA or any other behavioral targeting network that participates in this initiative. The only times I have ever heard any reference to this initiative is once during a talk that Dave Morgan fm TACODA gave at a conference in NYC several months ago, and the second time was at this latest MediaPost conference.

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