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May 23, 2007



'Authority' score...what does this represent? IMHO, it's a poor use of the term which has a lot of baggage already, and if you do some searches on their site, you see the near meaninglessness of it. What does it mean to have a certain "authority score"?...that you have a lot of authority in the subject matter, in general, in...? They've also done a poor job of providing some quick help or info near that term so that an end-user could quickly determine its relevance or meaning. With it's latest set of changes, I admire that they keep trying to do something rather than to fold up and call it a day, but having a new unrecognizable version of their service every 2-3 months suggests that they really don't understand what business they're in. As well, it feels like while they have some very smart people there, there's a certain creativity that's lacking.

While I know many who like their search service, I for one found it too spammy to be useful so can't say I've ever really been a big fan despite lacking several of the people on their team. At this stage however, my question is, how much long can they sustain this business given that their last financing wasn't very big? Hmmm...


Your critique of "authority" posits that the ranking system gave you a clear picture of your blog's standing. The ranking is still there, but it's as useless as it has always been for anyone not in the top 10,000 or so; ties are legion and there is no indication of how many blogs yours is tied with. There might be, for example, 100,000 blogs which share position 60,805 with one of my blogs, Think in Pictures, because they all are linked to by 261 blogs within the 180-day tracking window. Consider the ramifications of this all along the integer scale and tell me how useful it is to know my blog is 60,805 "positions" from being #1 - that 65K might represent 1,000, 5,000, or 500,000 blogs, and there's no way of finding out. The last quote Technorati used before the interface redesign said something like "75 million blogs..." - note that their ranking system bottoms out at about 3 million. How's that for a metric?


Scratch 65K, I meant 61K. I flunked rounding.

Natalie Glance

I noticed that Technorati's top 100 blogs now defaults to the top 100 *favorited* blogs. Technorati's top 100 by links was always very buggy. If you can't fix it, replace it. (Which may also be the reason behind the change in the authority metric.)

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