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May 10, 2007



I have noticed similar issues with Google Reader.

These periods of update outage seem more frequent with feeds that I would assume have fewer subscribers. Perhaps there is some kind of relationship there?


I use reader and have never experienced any problems like that, with your feed or any of the other hundred or so I subscribe to.

I read somewhere recently that the subscriber numbers that reader reports have been fluctuating quite a bit recently (I can't remember where I read it, though!). I doubt the two issues are connected.


i use google reader, and have not noticed anything with your feed in particular. i do however, now and then get some feeds that don't show anything for a few days and then all of a sudden i see 10 new posts. i don't think this is unique to google however as newsgator used to do the same thing as well.


I also use Google Reader and though it's slow in updating it's feeds I've never had problems with feedburner feeds.

Nick Johnson

I also use Google Reader, and haven't had any trouble with your posts. Sometimes I'll get a bunch of updates from one feed all at once - sometimes it's because an entire feed I've already read has been marked unread all at once for some reason, but sometimes it's because I haven't been getting updates. In the latter case, I've always assumed that some post had invalid markup in it, and until that post scrolled off the feed, Reader couldn't parse the feed at all.


I have noticed problems like that, however your feed seems to be fine.

Andrew Hitchcock

The biggest problem I've had with Google Reader is that it marks posts over 30 days old as read, even if I haven't read them. Grr.


I am a Google Reader user and I have not had any feed trouble with your blog.

Mike Alexander


I am having the same problems. My blog is mostly for friends and family so has very few readers. In the last week to two weeks, my posts don't show up into Reader for days - sometimes as many as five. I know that other feed readers are not having the same problem (I've tested).

Google Reader II

I have a bug report too. Didn't find anything on it and it's a very annoying problem. Some feeds are rendered useless.

Google Reader doesn't show articles from feedburner feeds anymore. If clicked on a feedburner feed in the left pane the URL box becomes something like
and Google Reader will reload completely without showing anything in the main 'window'. It is obvious a part of the URL is repeated where it shouldn't.

I've seen this effect on several PC's now from several networks so it is not a local issue. This problem started a couple of weeks ago. All feedburner feeds seem to have this problem. Not sure whether this is a Feedburner bug or a Google Reader bug. Both are Google.

Where can I report bugs to Google anyway?

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