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April 08, 2007



could you put it in largest image ?

Natalie Glance

This is a nice start, but I suspect this graph is based on a very small sample of the Twitter social network. I spent last week crawling Twitter to create a graph of the social network, and I what I got is very different. I started off graphing friends, but it was so dense that I moved on to mutual friends who have both posted within a given time period (e.g., a day), and it's still so
dense that it's almost impossible to tease apart. The only interesting thing to report so far is clusters by language. The biggest cluster is English and the second biggest is Japanese. Actually, something else that is very interesting is that ranking Twits by number of mutual friends gives a completely different top Twits list than ranking by simply total # of friends.

Bruno Peeters

This graph is based on the twitterers I found from Belgium (over 200), my home country. Each Belgian twitterer is indicated as an ellipse, all other twitterers (over 500) are represented as a dot.

There are twitterers from Belgium using their mother tongue (Dutch or French). Others however prefer to use English. These twitterers are far more often connected to other twitterers from all over the world. Interesting enough, there are quite a few twitterers who are not connected at all to other persons on the Twitter platform. If a graph is based on friends, these persons will be missed.

Sam Freedoms Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

Fascinating. Stop by and check out my article on data mining Twitter. We might build something together...

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Chess Openings Guru

That's incredible! Any chance of me finding a larger picture?

I visited his page, but I had to translate it to English. Was that written in Dutch? Do you speak Dutch?

Jack ( twitter marketing ) Sinclair

Amazing how you can analyze connections using twitter.

Sure appreciate this page!

omg... :)
very complicated


impressive! how amazing you can analyze connections using twitter.


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