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March 03, 2007


arnaud fischer

Matt, interesting attempt at framing the realm of "social media analysis". Well, advertisers traditionally follow consumers. Social search is already channeling significant amounts of traffic around and should accelerate the pace of brand advertising dollars shifting online.

The brands spending the social marketing dollars (large P&G, Johnson & Johnson, ... and a portion of the 700,000 or so existing online advertisers, will dictate the methodologies and such, sharing what works and what does not as far as buzz monitoring and reputation management.

After search engine optimization (SEO) and ii) search engine marketing (SEM), iii) Online brand and product monitoring, online reputation management could very well emerge as the next significant search marketing era.

How it's going to happen and how long it's gonna take? I have been often been too impatient in the past ... will take a little while to reach any level of maturity. My lifetime, though.

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