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March 01, 2007


Pranam Kolari

Thanks for your comments.

Certain clarifications:
(i) I use BlogPulse percentages to correlate data with Technorati numbers. Percentages quite naturally are not indicators of growth.
(ii) My results are only limited to blogs. Social Media overall will only grow.
(iii) I doubt India (20% of population) will ever see the blog bug the way US has seen it. They appear to have adopted other platforms (e.g. Orkut) directly. Its also very different culturally, and tools that worked in the West need not necessarily be effective there. China might be a different story.
(iv) My name is spelt wrong, twice, Parnam -> Pranam ;)

In general, I am truly excited by what Social Media offers to users and to businesses that listen and engage. I couldn't agree more that new services are key drivers moving forward.

I look forward to David Sifry's next report.

Arnaud  Fischer

I am certainly guilty of looking at these charts in a bit of a light way. I actually find them entertaining, visually correlating BlogPulse to IceRocket, Technorati, even Alexa and Comscore. This said, there is no doubt these services create real value, eventually connecting disjointed pieces of data hosted in totally different places. Very right, the blogosphere is not the sum of social media out there. Collaborative directory building with tagging and comments are pop'ing all over. The data mining, semantic categorization, ... behind these charts will only get better and better at transforming unstructured online dialog into marketing insights. Consumer generated media is exploding. Advertisers traditionally follow consumers. Social networks are already channeling significant amounts of traffic around and should accelerate the pace of brand advertising dollars shifting online. After i) search engine optimization and ii) search engine marketing, iii) Online brand and product monitoring, online reputation management could very well be the next stop.


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