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March 19, 2007



I think a shift in emphasis gives readers a clear choice as to whether they want to stay on board. In many of these cases, the blogger who has established credibility will lure readers to the new topic and convince them of its value. Contrast that with a blog that loses its focus and wanders among an increasing number of topics, keeps people guessing as to what the blogger will be interested in next week, and loses subscribers based on loss of trust.


I struggle with staying on topic in my blogs as well - I've been playing with the idea of using a different format for posts on unrelated or personal topics, as I do have thoughts and ideas in different areas that my readers may be interested in (or maybe I'm delusional...).

Maybe use a different headline style ('Now For Something Completely Different..') and only put a teaser in the main blog area encouraging readers to click through the extended post if they're interested in reading the off-topic post in its entirety?

Humans are multi-faceted and as great as the Blogosphere is for exploring many different kinds of ideas and discussions, I still struggle to see how a blogger can fully express all of their interests and passions in a single blog.... without going all Livejournal-esque that is.

Love the Data Mining site by the way. I for one am definitely interested to hear what else is on your mind beyond visualization.


As a relatively new blogger attempting to find a voice and a compelling topic on which to write, I completely understand the problem of staying on topic. The truth is, however, that I find too many things interesting, and I want to say something about many of them.

The only solution I have come up with so far -- and have not yet implemented -- is to split up a blog into a series of separate sub-blogs. Each would focus on different content, and could even go so far as to have different URLs, different designs, or different "brands". Cross-linking between the blogs would exist to provide easy transport from one topic to another for users visiting the site, but those who are interested in a single topic are not required to skip over the posts of little interest.

This solution does not have to be as elaborate as it may sound. Simply subscribing to the feed for particular categories should suffice for most people, but then what is really needed is a way to subscribe to a subset of categories.

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