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February 01, 2007


Jake Lockley

Does NLP mean Neuro-Linguistic Programming first and foremost to anyone else? I know what you use it to represent but as a marketer I think of Neuro-Linguistic Programming before Natural Language Processing.

Peter Turney

"Rather than the primary relationships being before and after (as in this word is before that word) we can capture relationships that are either grammatical (pretty interesting) or semantic (extremely interesting)."

Task #4 in SemEval 2007 is specifically concerned with a new kind of search that is enabled by capturing semantic relations:

We envision a relational search engine that would allow queries such as:

- list all X such that X causes cancer
- list all X such that X is part of an automobile engine
- list all X such that X is material for making a ship's hull
- list all X such that X is a type of transportation
- list all X such that X is produced from cork trees


May be it would be productive if NLP could be applied to social search instead of focusing on algorithmic search.


@Jake: NLP refers to Natural Language Processing

It's strange to see this approach gaining traction first in "whole web" searching, when the social media space seems it'd be more conducive for early successes.

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