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January 03, 2007



Interesting. Snowball sample? Are these permalinks, links within posts, or both?


This is really beautiful. What are the outliers - the little sattelites around the edges? Are hosts like Blogger visible? Most importantly - how do I find !


It looks just beautiful! Sublime! :-)

Elia Diodati

Very pretty. Although this time I won't have any idea what to annotate. ;-)

Matthew Hurst

Elia, what I'd really like to do is provide some sort of annotations. Perhaps an api like Google Maps would be pretty cool allowing users to zoom in and see the labels on the blogs once a suitable resolution has been achieved.


Any chance we can get some annotations on this? At least with some of the big stuff labeled?


What software aere you using for these visualizations? I've always wanted to do something with my delicious tags but don't know what to do with the XML file...

TIA for help from anybody.

Matthew Hurst


I'd like to get something with annotations - I'll try to make that the feature in the next edition.

Matthew Hurst


I use some home grown software for this. There are a number of freely available systems online. You might want to check out GUESS :


Thx. I'll check it out.

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