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January 08, 2007



You're obviously dead-on Matt. The tagging infrastructure really works best for audio & video where word descriptors cannot be easily inferred. Until people can broadcast their thoughts to a computer in order to define the images they're looking for, tags seem like the best solution. As for text, there are plenty of text analysis technologies working on addressing issues here, that I don't see much value in adding tags for such.

To highlight your point on Technorati's tagging issues, I recently wrote a post about how a section of my blog that displays headlines fm a Technorati tag feed are themselves being indexed into Technorati...doh! (

Pat Hall

But sometimes people do use the words "Technorati" and "tags" in their posts. What then? I think this argument is based on an edge case. After all:

Works as advertised. Text is text, it will always be "a bit of a mess," because there is no conceivable way (Microformatopia notwithstanding) to get all users to consistently mark what's "meta" and what isn't; and because, given that state of affairs, tags are still just text at heart.

The boundary between keywords and tags is fuzzy, and will stay that way. But that doesn't mean that the central uses of tags (which, I dare say, are not searching the full text search interface for "Technorati tags") is not useful.

Greg Gershman

In part because T'rati tags were really just meant to get people to link back to T'rati.

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