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December 27, 2006



Thanks Matt. Megite Video is up at . We have been working on add more features, such as clustering, in the near feature.

Matthew Hurst

Matthew - thanks. Clustering, IMHO, is the next big feature for sites such as yours. I think it gives top priority to what is being talked about and second priority to who is talking about it and which articles are popular. Both are important, but going through repeated content is not interesting! Good luck with this feature!

Kevin Burton

We index more than 160k weblogs.......

We do give a boost to influential weblogs but we're careful not to yield an echo chamber so the algorithm is a lot more complex than that. Obviously I can't give a bunch of details.

Anyway... we're always innovating so expect new stuff in short order ;)

Matthew Hurst


Thanks for the updated numbers. I took the number I quoted from your interview with Scoble. The algorithms that act as editors on things like TailRank and Google news are fascinating actors in the current web dynamic. While everyone is heralding a new space of content where everyone is someone, the truth is that the efficiency that mass media provides via editorial and programmed content is a requirement now more than ever due to the volume of content. Thus, algorithms are the new editors and they are just as much a black box and potentially biased (though not intentionally) as their human counter parts.


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