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December 15, 2006



Just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog.... (it also feeds into my google reader).

Also, I thought I'd mention that wouldn't you count feeds as a stronger measure of influence than just reading? i.e. if you had to make a metric of how 'strong' or 'popular' a blog is, you need to count the number of people who feed it, and the number of people who read it, but give a heavier weight to the feeders than the readers since feeds are a measure of loyalty.

Did I get my point across?

Moshe Koppel

That actually looks to my naked eye like a pretty decent correlation. What's the R2 of a linear regression?


Sean Tierney

Maybe I'm missing something but this scatterplot seems to be the expected result to me... it shows correlation between subscribers and inlinks, just not a strong one. But think about the people you read regularly, do you link to them proportionate to how often you read them? Probably not. The people I follow regularly are consistently on point with their insights but I tend to write more about the stuff I run across from my own daily experiences in working and observing or from the "needle in the haystack" I find on This is a great idea for an experiment but this is about what I would expect. Can you elaborate as to what you were expecting to see?


Matthew Hurst

Moshe - R2 is 0.4861, not that good.


That looks like a great correlation to me. R-sq of 0.48 is pretty good considering the nature of data you are trying to measure. And especially if you want to compare influences rather than absolute measures, you have found a cheap proxy. It does not cost much to measure inlinks and that as a surrogate of the influence looks valid, IMHO.

Good luck on that and I would love to see more analysis on that one.


Matthew Hurst

Put it this way, in the range of 100-110 inlinks, feed subscription ranges from 5 to 13, 939. I just pulled this range randomly (and I'm sure the 5 is anomolous in some way). Perhaps one way to measure this would be to count the number of different positions if one used inlinks as a rank to using feed subscribers. One could also measure the obvious distribution of deltas in between the two rankings.

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