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December 29, 2006


Greg Gershman

With their latest updates, Technorati has been making more links on their site lead to other services on their site (so, clicking on a blog's title takes you to the T'rati page for that blog), rather than to a location outside their site. This could be a factor in your analysis, and might have the opposite effect on the Hitwise data (if they are measuring page views).

I think in some ways this is all irrelevant (or, "the whole premise of this article is stupid" ;) ). Of course more people are going to use GBS once it's hooked up to Google search results - the single most popular page on the Internet - and News Search. But this really says nothing about how the two are competing. It's most likely that the increased usership of GBS did not visit GBS directly, they got there because of the link from Google. But are users of Technorati switching to GBS? Are other blog search services losing users? How many folks who visited GBS also visited Technorati or other services? Are folks who discover blog search via Google/GBS looking for more information, and discover alternative services that provide richer functionality?

All the Hitwise post confirms is that Google can dramatically increase a site's visibility by more directly incorporating it into their ecosystem. The Hitwise blog exists to showcase their services, so the more sensational they can make their examples, the better for them.

Matthew Hurst


All excellent points. Personally, I'm disappointed (as I mention) by the blogosphere's echo chamber reaction to topics like this. Many bloggers, especially, it seems, from the more visible blogs, simply pick these things up and repeat them without stopping to think and comment as you have.

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