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November 02, 2006


Sandro Saitta

This is a very nice post. It would be interesting to have the same trends in a few years. I'm quite sure that countries such as India and China will have a better ranking. By the way, if you want to know from where do the visitors of your website or weblog come from, you can use Google Analytics. The only drawback is that you can only analyse your personnal site.

Kamal Nigam

Your data comes from 1500 blogs with public sitemeter referrer logs (as I understand it). There's some danger here of generalizing geographically without accounting for things like language and sitemeter penetration. For example, If none of your 1500 blogs are written in Korean, you'd expect fewer blog readers from Korea. Or, if sitemeter has minimal penetration among Australian bloggers, you'd expect relatively few Australian blog readers. The numbers and graphics you present are very compelling, but without knowing more about the data, it's hard to know what conclusions to draw from them. A comparison between the geo distributions of the 1500 blogs and their readers might be more interpretable.

Matthew Hurst

You are absolutely right, and I've raised these issue in my previous posts. This is purely directional and only after the first collection of data. However, I think that even given those issues this data is worth looking at.

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