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November 06, 2006



It could be using a combination of links and shared words.

Also, how do they work out which posts are actually contributing to the discussion and which are just 'links of the day' type posts?

Kevin Burton

I can't speak for Techmeme of course but Tailrank is a lot more complicated than just link counting. Sometimes I wish this stuff was a lot easier. We're actually heads down working on another significant algorithm update now... as well as some other fun stuff.

I have seen Techmeme do this before. It seems to get confused but then again everyone has bugs from time to time.

Matthew Hurst


So - are links necessary but not sufficient? Or not even necessary? I'm going to start looking for cases in both systems where there is no link up the tree.

Kevin Burton

Links are necessary of course. We use other variables as well which are somewhat outside of your control. Other people's linking behavior is important as well.


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