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November 26, 2006



Heh, seems like Robert's touched a raw nerve with this. I see several of us blogged about an alternative view point. It's interesting what you say about content analysis. It would be great for people like Robert who get a lot of unsolicited email.

Just gotta say a word in Robert's defense tho'...he can put an awful lot of content in two minutes of thinking.


I wouldn't worry about a sane future for your daughter - or at least, email won't be playing a large part in it. I see it with my own 11-year old daughter: she and most of her friends have email accounts, but they are hardly used (and most of that little use is forwarded chain letters). Real communication takes place via IM or SMS. I do believe that once this generation has grown up, and old email junkies like us have retired or else become irrelevant, email will no longer play a large part in internet communications, even in business.

Kevin Burton

There's no way I could do that.......... the most important emails I have to send off take about 15 minutes to respond because they're deal based. When money's involved it's hard to send a 2 minute email.


Matthew Hurst

Mario - My point wasn't really about email per se, but actually about a culture that encourages lack of attention, micro content and fragmented living.


Matthew - I'm not sure if this is really "lack of attention". The term "continuous partial attention" has been bandied about in the past, both with positive and negative connotations - it's one of Stowe Boyd's favourites. While I wouldn't say that there aren't concerns, I also think that our children growing up now are learning to think and communicate quite differently to ourselves. This need not be negative in itself.

Eric Mack

The GETTING THINGS DELETED Rule, continues to spread; what began as a toungue-in-cheek comment, has sparked worthwhile discussion.

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