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October 23, 2006



Can you give examples of these "publicly available referral logs"? This data is interesting, but I'm curious how biased the sample is.

Mihai Parparita
Google Reader Engineer

Matthew Hurst


You are right - I need to give some description of the data. I hope to get to that a little later in the day - stay tuned!


Peter Caputa

Is the referal data coming from referers from mutliple blogs? Or just yours?

Kevin Burton

Alexa data just isn't reliable..... even if the data said that Tailrank was the #1 site on the Internet I'd say it's totally pointless. You might as well use a random number generator. :)

Also I believe that when sitemeter says "unknown" for the referer it's coming with the Referer HTTP header unset...

Good post though!


Otis Gospodnetic

Ah, mentions of Alexa and Sitemeter in the same post - my favourite! I wrote a bit about them here:

Interesting post. Is the crawl+parse script available? I'd love to look at some other numbers and other referals.

Matthew Hurst

Otis - thanks for the comment. There is no real magic to the crawling and parsing (wget plus some awk).

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