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September 14, 2006


Max Kalehof

To Steve's point, though which his analysis near completely fails to support, check out this anaysis I did back when I was working with Hitwise on their search behavioral data:

Wikipedia: The Ultimate Search Magnet

The Hitwise report revealed something else intriguing: With nearly 600,000 "living" articles to date, Wikipedia's orderly collection of consumer-created content is becoming a high-powered magnet for Internet searches. A ranking of all Web sites based on the total volume of traffic received directly from search engines placed Wikipedia at 146 in June 2004. But in September 2004 it jumped in the ranking to 93; 71 in December 2004; and in March 2005, it was the 33rd most popular site in terms of visits received from search engines.

More details from a column I wrote on the analysis here:

The fact is that relative to all sites, it does get signifacant click through, though that's against a very long-tail average. However, there is some validity to the shear placement of the link's headline. That is an impression that has some influence, just as an advertisement unconsciously does when it flashes in front of your eyes over and over again.

I should ask Hitwise to re-run the data.

Daniel R


Thanks for the mention!

Max, great follow-up on the article. Let us know what numbers you find.



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