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September 28, 2006


Mitch Ratcliffe

Matt, thanks for the comments. I'm one of the cofounders at BuzzLogic and the guy who came up with the foundational analytics we use. I wanted to add an amplification and clarification to what you highlighted....

Clarification: We're not looking at the blogosphere, but conversations that extend across mainstream media, blogs and other sites about specific topics and brands. Influence is composed of opinions and the participation of many different people and institutions, so we are looking at all kinds of sites rather than just blogs.

Amplification: Influence is fluid, not static, too. Our day-to-day tracking of the big picture and the response to our customers' participation in the conversation are key to what we're bringing to the market. Identifying influencers is just the first step in bringing order to the problem of conversational marketing that our tools are designed to help our customers make part of their daily work. This, we think, will also bring more power to the bloggers who make a big impact on a conversation, and soon we'll be doing more for the bloggers to leverage that influence.

Finally, I'm glad you like our marketing and, excellent though it is, we're really hoping to be judged by the results our customers' experience. The novelty isn't in the messages on our site but in the medium-transforming tools we're offering.

Matthew Hurst


Thanks for the details. I'm particularly interested in your first point - I'll check back with the site and make sure I'm understanding this correctly. One challange I can imagine there is being comprehensive. If one aims at understanding the blogosphere, then that is reasonably well defined. However, if one is targetting conversation distributed over the entier web, and a service that is on tap for any customer that might show up, then that would be a whole different kettle of fish. Do you end of crawling as broadly as a conventional search engine then? or is 'other sites about specific topics and brands' a reasonably well defined and closed set?

Mitch Ratcliffe

Without getting into specifics, because it could take too many pages, our engineers developed a progressive search process that makes our index very comprehensive on topics being monitored while drawing in new sites and new topics emerging.

The index will be huge, but it doesn't have to start huge, to cover established and emerging participants in the specific topics and related subjects our customers are tracking.


Hi ... Any view on how Buzzlogic's offerings compares to those from other companies like Buzzmetrics? Thanks.

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