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August 31, 2006


Max Kalehoff

You've got to wonder. What role can these aggregations play in the world of consumer reports and JD Power. Threat? Complement?

Kurt Schrader


We started out doing some unstructured analysis, but, as you know, it's an extremely hard problem to solve, so we moved to just using published scores for now. If you look at the ViewScore analysis, many of scores just seem arbitrary. I wonder how they're planning on explaining to people why 'Review X' translates into a score of '78.' We found that it only takes a person seeing one review that they feel is incorrectly scored to turn them off to your service forever.

Squishr is back up now, by the way. A perfect storm of circumstances brought it down for 12 hours while all of this was going on.


i didn't do a complete test to their technology but the ranking in digital camera is making a lot of sense to me
and this show me that they are parsing the text correctly and generating usable ranking

PS - i am professional photographer

Jeremy Foro

ViewScore make a good effort, but is not as credible and useful as On this site that gets review summaries from hundreds of magazines and publishers, you get a very credible globally calculated quality rating. Guess best results are achieved when comparing all these sites (hey, another business model ;-) )

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